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Soror Dolorosa - Blind Scenes CD Digipak

15.09.2017 Item #: PRO 188 Prophecy Productions

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Blind Scenes is the actual debut album of Soror Dolorosa, originally released in 2011. The Prophecy reissue comes in Digipak format with a 12-pages booklet.

"Fans of New Wave, Goth Rock, and dark music in general will appreciate Blind Scenes, a well paced album that is anchored by the incredible 'Low End'. It is refreshing to see members of the black metal scene branching out in this unexpected and ambitious direction, and it is even more satisfying that they have done so so well."


1. Crystal Lane
2. Autumn Wounds
3. Damaged Dreamer
4. Low End
5. Soror Dolorosa
6. Scars of Crusade
7. In a Glance
8. Broken Wings

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