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Eïs - Galeere CD

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The deep sea set to music

In many regards, "Galeere" represents a quantum leap for the six musicians from Bielefeld/Germany: not only does the album contain the most unfathomable and darkest material in the band's history, but also their most atmospheric and epic moments. "This album is the deep sea set to music," the band's bass player and songwriter Alboin says about the conceptual framework. "It expresses the beautiful forsakenness and infinite extent of the sea as a sanctuary, but also its indomitability and diversity, its threat and hostility." Not by any stretch of the imagination could we describe this as an insider's tip from the underground anymore. With "Galeere", Eïs (who originally released the album under the former name Geïst) have finally taped their full potential and are ready to join the ranks of Germany's leading black metal bands.

1. Galeere
2. Einen Winter Auf See
3. Durch Lichtlose Tiefen
4. Helike
5. Unter Toten Kapitänen

Bonus tracks (gatefold 2LP edition only):
6. Galeere (demo)
7. Helike (demo)
8. Unter Toten Kapitänen (demo)

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