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Brother Dege - Scorched Earth Policy Vinyl Gatefold LP | Clear

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Ever since his music was featured in Quentin Tarantino's film "Django Unchained" as well as the Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel, Brother Dege can no longer lay claim to being "one of the best kept secrets in the Deep South." Dege is a musician, writer, workingman and heir to a long line of unusual characters born and raised in the southern USA. Like the mad lovechild of Son House, Faulkner and Patti Smith, Legg has burned a crooked trail to the Promised Land. Following his two previous acclaimed solo efforts (2009's "Folk Songs Of The American Longhair" & 2013's "How To Kill A Horse"), "Scorched Earth Policy" features a mix of newly recorded studio songs, demos, covers and field recordings.

01. Set It Off
02. Pay No Mind
03. Somewhere
04. Day I Was Born
05. Supernaut
06. Yellabone
07. Tower Of Babel
08. Revolution
09. Souls Of The Darklands
10. Calabasas
11. Jones For War
12. Way Of The Lamb

Gatefold LP (clear vinyl) with padded inner sleeve and protection sleeve (500 copies)

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