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Brother Dege - How To Kill A Horse CD Digisleeve

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Recorded at night in an empty warehouse (while he worked at a men's homeless shelter during the day), Brother Dege's second album "How to Kill a Horse" is a tour de force artwork that ranges from barn burners to ancient Delta meditations to Babylonian junkyard jams that explore the dark underbelly of what it is to be a man in the modern world. Influences include: Ernest Hemingway, Joseph Conrad, Ry Cooder, Norman Mailer, Henry Miller, Sonic Youth, Black Sabbath, Blind Willie Johnson, Einstürzende Neubauten, Jackson Pollock and Don Quixote. Like Hemingway at his finest, "How to Kill a Horse" goes deep into the prison rodeo of man's heart, confronting the darker, flawed side of the self while going full-aggro in the existential blast furnace of the modern world, wrestling with men's roles as providers, protectors, partners, lovers, warriors, peacekeepers, whatever. "How to Kill a Horse" is a massive shot across the bow to riff heads, songwriters, and Americana enthusiasts around the world. It's a game changer that launches the whole mess of roots music out of the vinyl dustbins and into the 21st century.

01. The Black Sea
02. The Darker Side of Me
03. How to Kill a Horse
04. Judgement Day
05. O'Dark30
06. Poor Momma Child
07. Wehyah
08. Crazy Motherfucker
09. The River
10. Last Man Out of Babylon

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