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Autumnblaze - DämmerElbenTragödie CD-2

12.06.2009 Item #: PRO 016-2 Prophecy Productions

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Ten years ago, in the early summer of 1999, Autumnblaze released their lyrical and epic debut album "DämmerElbenTragödie". To celebrate this anniversary, Prophecy Productions will release - in parallel with the new Autumnblaze studio album "Perdition Diaries" - a special edition of "DämmerElbenTragödie" as a double CD containing all official recordings by Autumnblaze preceding the "Bleak" era.

The "DämmerElbenTragödie" bonus CD includes:
- "Dreaming Moonspark Fairylands" (Autumnblaze's 1997 seven-track demo, for the first time available on CD!)
- "Every Silent Moment I Weep" (7" EP from 1998 with two tracks, for the first time available on CD!)
- "My Ebony Wound" (previously unreleased song from the "DämmerElbenTragödie" sessions!)

An extended booklet with a three-pages essay on Autumnblaze's early years and liner notes by Alvar Eldron rounds off this re-release. A comprehensive compilation of Autumnblaze's early oeuvre!

Re-release of the debut accompanying its 10 year anniversary

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