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Stille Opprör's second album

“Prosjekt 2 13”, Stille Opprör's first sign of life from 2001, was a record that was typically considered as a connoisseur’s album: critics and a handful of fans were passionate about the album, while the masses probably haven’t heard about it at all.
To Christer André Cederberg, however, who is working together with various session musicians to translate his ideas into sound, this record has been extremely important, as he had been associated with different kinds of music before: With In The Woods… he payed tribute to the heydays of Psychedelic Rock, whereas Drawn’s mixture of Opeth and Voivod influenced sounds couldn’t differ more radically from Stille Opprör.
Stylistically, Cederberg knows no borders – something he took along from In The Woods.... – finding inspiration in everything from Americana sounds and progressive rock to pop and jazz. “Music,” he told Sunset Magazine, “can be a tool to express emotions that words don’t do any justice.” With its organic, warm, and open sound, “S.o2” shows impressionably what is meant with that.

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