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Armagedda - Ond Spiritism CD

08.09.2023 Item #: NVP107CD Silent Future Recordings
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Ond spiritism' firmly positioned Armagedda at the vanguard of the "spiritual black metal" movement, which was emerging rapidly in the shadows of seminal works by giants like Antaeus, Watain, and Deathspell Omega. This album diverges markedly from Armagedda's earlier endeavors, delving into profound spiritual and atmospheric depths that redefine the black metal landscape. With its bold shifts in tone and texture, 'Ond spiritism' offers an audacious blend of minimalist deathrock touches before unfurling into a vast expanse of shimmering black metal artistry. The album stands as both a testament to the genre's evolution and Armagedda's undying commitment to pushing musical boundaries, all the while exploring themes of belief and transcendence in their evocative Swedish tongue.

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