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Arcturus - Disguised Masters Vinyl LP | Clear

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With "Disguised Masters" released in 1999, ARCTURUS delivered a striking and for some even provocative afterthought to their previous works. The WHEN intro 'White Tie Black Noise' was followed by the new track 'Deception Genesis' and a re-recording of the classic 'Du Nordavind' before the Norwegians launched into an adventurous re-visiting of six "La Masquerade Infernale" tracks that got unapologetically treated with EBM, trip-hop, rap, ambient, and other musical means. Drawing up fresh angles onto their music, the re-imagined songs revealed the wide open mind of ARCTURUS.

1. White Tie Black Noise
2. Deception Genesis [*]
3. Du Nordavind
4. Alone (Darktrip Remix)
5. The Throne Of Tragedy (Jungle Remix)
6. La Masquerade Infernale (Reconstruction)
7. Master Of Disguise (Phantom FX Remix)
8. Painting My Horror (Levitation Mix)
9. Ad Astra (Experience)
10. Ad Astra

LP (clear vinyl) incl. insert, padded inner sleeve and protection sleeve

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