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Xasthur - Vol.1 Splits 2002-2004 Vinyl 2-LP | Clear

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Vol. I (2002 – 2004) & Vol. II (2007 - 2009) serve as a hoard of classic and obscure XASTHUR tracks compiled from early material from various sources to satiate even the most diehard fanatics dwelling in the dark woodwork. What has come before is now put to rest as fading memories to be buried by time and dust.

01. Intro
02. Doomed By Howling Winds (from Acid Enema split, alt mix)
03. The Eye Upon The Throne (Acid Enema split, alt mix)
04. A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness (Acid Enema split, alt mix)
05. Summon The End Of Time (Acid Enema split, alt mix​)
06. Graying Wasteland (Acid Enema split, Ritual cover)
07. Kingdom of Burning Crucifixions (from Orosius split, in company w/ Mike Pardi)
08. Dwelling Beneath the Woods of Evil (Orosius split, in company w/ Mike Pardi)
09. A Sermon In The Name Of Death (from Angra Mainyu split)
10. Soul Abduction Ceremony (Angra Mainyu split, re-recorded)
11. Ort Der Einsamkeit - Wigrid Cover (Angra Mainyu split)
12. A Curse For The Lifeless (from Nortt split, alt mix)
13. Blood From The Roots Of The Forest (Nortt split, alt mix)
14. Lurking In Silence (Norrt split, in company w/ Khaija Ausar, alt mix)
15. Spell Within the Wind (from Nachtmystium split, re-recorded)

2LP (clear vinyl) incl. padded inner sleeves and protection sleeve (400 copies available)

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