Theraphosa - Inferno CD Digipocket

02.02.2024 Item #: CW107 Circular Wave
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The French 3 piece Progressive Metal outfit‘s second album “Inferno” is inspired by the Italian masterpiece “La Divina Commedia” written by Dante Alighieri in the early 14th century. As they are traveling through the nine circles, Theraphosa invite us to witness the core of all sins and wonder about our inner self. With each song representing a circle, the band dives deep into the heart of men and explores the darkest aspects of humanity.

01. Vestibule (Part 1)
02. Vestibule (Part 2)
03. Limbo
04. Lust
05. Gluttony
06. Greed
07. Wrath
08. Heresy
09. Violence
10. Fraud
11. Treachery

CD Digipocket with 4 pages and 12 pages booklet

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