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Soror Dolorosa - No More Heroes CD Digipak

15.09.2017 Item #: PRO 189 Prophecy Productions

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No More Heroes is Soror Dolorosa's second full length album and originally came out in 2013. The Prophecy reissue comes in Digipak format with a 16-pages booklet.

"Andy Julia's singing is better than ever, showing us new faces of his vocal work. The band enters a new universe of textures and melted sounds, that makes this album unique, definitely one of the best albums of this decade, and probably a big candidate to be the best album of 2013. No More Heroes is honey for your ears, a soft warm breeze touching your skin, and definitely this album has to be in your collection - a must-have."

1. Silver Square
2. Sound & Death
3. Dany
4. The Figure of the Night
5. Hologram
6. Motherland
7. Wormhole
8. A Dead Yesterday
9. Exodus

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