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Sol Invictus - The Blade Vinyl 2-LP Gatefold | Black | AB 045 LP

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1. The Blade
2. In Heaven
3. Time Flies
4. The House Above The World
5. Laws And Crowns
6. Once Upon A Time
7. See How We Fall
8. Gealdor
9. From The Wreckage
10. Nothing Here
11. Remember And Forget
12. The Blade

Bonus tracks (vinyl editions and "AB 045" Digipak CD):
13. Time To Meet The King (originally released on “In Europa”)
14. Nothing Here & Remember And Forget (early mix)
15. Only I Know (outtake)
16. In God We Trust

Gatefold 2LP (black vinyl) with 4 bonus tracks, padded inner sleeves, 2-page insert and protection sleeve

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