Pettersson & Fredriksson - Sotali

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Originally released in 2010, the enchanting “Sotali” by the Swedish folk duo Pettersson & Fredriksson receives a well-deserved re-issue and becomes available on vinyl for the first time.

The Swedish folk duo Pettersson & Fredriksson – featuring members of Otyg and Solsaate – has distinguished themselves with artful mastery of the keyed fiddle and mandola. Their stage performances, a rich blend of original compositions and traditional melodies, have captivated audiences worldwide.

The 2010 release of “Sotali” showcased an unorthodox musical approach compared to its predecessor, “Virek” (2004). The album not only echoes the duo’s Västerbotten heritage but also draws from influences as wide-ranging as the innovative artistry of Sigur Rós to the minimalist melancholia of José Gonzalez. As a result, “Sotali” is infused with both folkish energy and soothing tranquillity. The instruments engage in a timeless interplay, creating a soundscape that is at once contemporary and steeped in antiquity.

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