Mysticum - Industries of Inferno MC Box

18.10.2022 Item #: DSR145 Darkness Shall Rise
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Official 8-tape box from the masters and originators of Industrial Black Metal Mysticum. Housed in a luxurios matte black casewrapped box with silver hot foil stamped printing. This dangerous piece of metal is strictly limited to 750 handnumbered copies and includes: Tape 1: Wintermass Tape 2: Medusa’s Tears Tape 3: Piss Off!!! Tape 4: Live at Grotten Tape 5: Norwegian Madness (EPs) Tape 6: In the Streams of Inferno Tape 7: Planet Satan Tape 8: Never Stop the Madness: The Roadburn Inferno / Next to the 8 tapes, the box includes: – massive hardcover-book (over 300 pages)– pendant with chain – 3 regular patches – shaped backpatch – flag – 5 posters – numbered certificate

8-tape box + book + flag + certificate + 3 patches + shaped backpatch + pendant + 5 posters

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