Horresque - Chasms Pt. I - Avarice and Retribution Vinyl LP | Black

09.06.2023 Item #: SCR105LP Supreme Chaos Records
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It’s the abysses of the human mind, it’s man’s cruel and vile nature that fuels all that is Horresque. In music and lyrics. The Blackened Death Metal this band forges in the 8 songs of their debut full–length can be described with one word only: Raging!

Horresque dig deep into classic trademarks of both genres, enriching their sound with a analog and dynamic production. With their own twist of double-guitar melodies and a broad vocal range of screams and growls, as well inexorable drumming, Horresque have by now also made a name for themselves as a powerful Live-Act.

The lyrical concept hints at the seven deadly sins – and the debut album delves into the first two of them, wrath and greed. The record tells 8 grim and morbid, but true tales of human deviant actions. What happens when moral values waste away, madness, malevolence and infamy take control.

Black vinyl with insert, download code, limited to 200 handnumbered copies. With layout re-design by C. Saros / saros collective.

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