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Helrunar - Frostnacht CD

24.10.2005 Item #: WOLF 014 Lupus Lounge

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Helrunar's icy label debut

"Nothing is forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten"... with these words, Helrunar's singer Skald Draugir brings the band's first album "Frostnacht" to the point and thus justifies the hopes of all those unwilling to let neither the raw power of Nordic Black Metal nor pre-Christian spirituality sink into oblivion. "Frostnacht" contains ten grim and proud songs with a tangible passion for rousing melodies, further developing the potency of their demo "Grátr". With the hymn 'Hauch wird Sturm' on their recent split-single with Nachtmahr, the trio has further proven their unconstrained will to individual development - and on "Frostnacht", the listeners once more can feel the struggle of the forces of Nature behind the clashing and crashing of the instruments and the vocals ...

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