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Grift - Budet CD

01.02.2020 Item #: NVP122CD Nordvis
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Grift's album "Budet" delves into the bittersweet struggle between harsh reality and sentimentality that defines human existence. With a foundation in desolate folk and melancholic harsh metal, the album utilizes traditional instruments like reed organs and exquisite violins, courtesy of Georg Börner (ColdWorld, Sangre de Muerdago.) Erik Gärdefors's fervent vocal delivery conveys introspective lyrics with gripping urgency, while the dense rural atmosphere balances nostalgia, anguish, and redemption.

The melodies traverse time, touching the memories of long-lost trees and those yet to bloom, evoking a timeless aura. Amidst the solitary gloom, a healing, forgiving, and hopeful spirit emerges as "Budet" peers into an unknown future. In Erik's words: "This album is more about the future than my previous works; about inevitable events around us."

For seekers of reflection and exploration, Grift's "Budet" beckons, offering a journey beyond time's confines.

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