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Eïs - Bannstein

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With "Bannstein", Eïs maintain their status as one of the most integral Black Metal bands in the German-speaking world when it comes to concepts, lyrics and atmosphere

After the fiercly maritime "Galeere" (2009) and the icy "Wetterkreuz" (2012), mastermind Alboin and his fellow musicians have created an oppressive opus about man's fateful nature and the impossibility to overcome its latent doom.

With years of experience under their belt, Eïs have composed and arranged more diverse songs for "Bannstein" than ever. Dark, menacing Black Metal with classic Nordic riffs and majestic fury is still focal, yet ultimately only the foundation of the album. On top of it, the group heaps deeply melancholic passages ("Im Noktuarium", "Über den Bannstein"), painfully sluggish parts and catchy melodies ("Fern von Jarichs Gärten") besides thoughtful moments ("Im Schoß der welken Blätter") that never seem arbitrary but strongly connected with the lyrical content. Thus Eïs take an impressive next step towards their artistic peak; on "Bannstein", multifaceted Extreme Metal conflates with profound verse to create a multidimensional whole.

Available editions:
- CD digisleeve
- Gatefold LP (180g vinyl, black) incl. poster and PVC protection sleeve (500 copies available)
- 2CD hardcover book (18x18 cm, 48 pages) incl. bonus CD with 5 bonus tracks and linernotes (500 copies available)

1. Ein letztes Menetekel
2. Im Noktuarium
3. Über den Bannstein
4. Fern von Jarichs Gärten
5. Im Schoß der welken Blätter

Bonus CD (only incl. in book edition):
Witnesses Of The Exodus
1. Ein letztes Menetekel (vocally interpreted by Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen of Vulture Industries and Manuel Karakas)
2. In The Noctuarium (vocally interpreted by Morax of Lux Divina and Fiar of Foscor)
3. Over The Ban Stone (vocally interpreted by Fjalar of Istapp and Erik Gärdeförs of Grift)
4. Fern von Jarichs Gärten (vocally interpreted by Skaldir of Hel)
5. Im Schoß der welken Blätter (vocally interpreted by Schwadorf and Konstanz of The Vision Bleak)

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