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Dark Suns - Orange CD-2+DVD Digipak

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Committed to prog

Dark Suns from Leipzig take the moniker of their fourth album serious indeed: the dark tone colours of their previous albums have given way to a more vivid orange hue. Instead of once more serving up complex and elaborate slabs of prog metal, Dark Suns' mode of operation is a lot more spontaneous and rocking on "Orange" – flagrantly flirting with classic (prog) rock of the Seventies and more easy-going than ever before. It fits this concept that "Orange" was recorded live in the studio, in order to capture that special something of progressive rock music in the most authentic way possible and to allow creative space for the illustrious instrumentation (e.g., Hammond organ and diverse brass players).

The result is a mature and captivating album that bristles with a youthful élan and, for all its reverence for the classical roots, does not forget the meaning of the word 'progressive'.

The album is available as:
- Jewelcase CD
- Limited 2CD+DVD Digipak, featuring the bonus EP "Re-Oranged" with acoustic songs and the bonus DVD "Dear Vintage Demon" incl. studio report for "Orange" and tour report documenting the European tour 2005 with Pain of Salvation (total length of the DVD: more than 120 minutes). Limited to 1.000 copies.

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