Arroganz - Quintessenz

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The Death Doom Punks are back!

“Quintessenz“ is the raw and unfiltered manifestation of the artistic identity of ARROGANZ.

Infused with brutal aggression and ominous atmosphere, it unleashes a sonic apocalypse that transports the listener into a haunting realm. With a blend of old-school death metal, doom metal and black metal, the band redefines their boundaries and showcases their creative maturity.

“Quintessenz“ is a relentless masterpiece for fans of Celtic Frost, Asphyx or Darkthrone, as well as for lovers of Napalm Death, Totenmond or Wolfbrigade.

This is ARROGANZ - Death Doom Punks!

Vinyl details:
· 140g quality pressed vinyl (pressed in Germany)
· heavy 350gsm cover
· high quality matte lyrics insert in LP format
· ""I Love Vinyl"" sticker
· antistatic polylined black inner sleeve
· PE overbag with limit sticker

Track listing:
A1. The Origin Of Fire
A2. Outlaw Reborn
A3. Flames For Nemesis
A4. Dungeon Soul
A5. The Devil And My Companion
B1. Deadened Rawness Of Life
B2. Guardian Of Old Scars
B3. Scorned Lifeblood
B4. The Essence Gospel

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