Amestigon - Mysterious Realms Vinyl LP | Black

02.08.2024 Item #: KYRCK24 LP Kyrck Productions & Armour
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Austria has spawned a very distinct black metal cult that has always been removed from its German and French neighbours. Spearheaded by individualist acts such as ABIGOR and SUMMONING, it was inevitable that the evolutionary tree of this scene would develop branches in exploration of new creative directions. AMESTIGON are so closely related to the two bands previously mentioned both in terms of their revolving members and in style that they have become regarded as bonded by blood. At the time of their founding in Vienna in 1993, vocalist and keyboard player Tharen, who sang on the 1993 ABIGOR demos and guitarist Thurisaz, who later became the frontman of ABIGOR, started the first band of their own. True to their original mission statement of making ground-breaking works from genre-shaping bands available again, Kyrck Productions & Armour is now presenting two early works of AMESTIGON for the first time on vinyl. "Mysterious Realms" features material from the 1996 split with ANGIZIA and the ltd. EP "Remembering Ancient Origins". The latter was released in 2000 and featured ABIGOR and SUMMONING vocalist Silenius.

1. Challerian's Fall
2. Samhain
3. Mysterious Realms
4. Stormlord
5. Intro
5. Monument Of Might
7. Wolf In The Heart
8. Verzweiflung
9. Winternacht

LP (black vinyl) incl. printed inlay, padded inner sleeve and protection sleeve

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