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"Boezem" ('Bosom'), the debut full-length of Dutch quintet VUUR & ZIJDE ("Fire & Silk") quite remarkably revolves around themes of conditional and unconditional love – and the difference between those, the liberation of intimacy, and motherhood. Obviously, this album politely abstains from going through the motions of tedious heavy metal clichés. Although the Dutch have deep roots in black metal and have been or still are members in such established bands as LASTER, NUSQUAMA, SILVER KNIFE, GREY AURA, WITTE WIEVEN, and TERZIJ DE HORDE, they have shifted stylistically away from their 2020 split-album with IMPAVIDA. Having grown from a trio to a 5-piece has brought a wider range of influences and ideas to the table. The changes are subtle but enough to locate a part of their sound in the evolving and exciting realms of post-black metal. The black side of the music is mainly expressed through whirling drum attacks and buzzing guitar riffs. Yet there is a second strong pillar on which "Boezem" rests, as bands that started out as post-punk acts and developed into more dreamy, meditative sounds such as COCTEAU TWINS and even DEAD CAN DANCE are also named as a source of inspiration. Synthesizer sounds and the beautiful voice of singer Famke naturally contribute to that side of VUUR & ZIJDE. The vocalist is also responsible for various lyrics penned in Frysk (Frisian). This language is still spoken in a few Dutch and German areas along the coast up to the Danish border. The other lyrics are written in Dutch. With "Boezem", VUUR & ZIJDE achieve a perfect balance between their contradictory poles. The aggressive side with elements of black metal that have been transformed into post-black metal contrasts with the light side of shoegaze, post-punk, and wave. Both are entwined in an endless dance that creates fascinating new music, which is at the same time beautiful and yet full of thorns – just like a black rose.

1. Onbemind
2. Zusterzon
3. Ús
4. Omheind
5. Kuier
6. II
7. Nest
8. Adem
9. Naakt

CD hardcover book (18x18 cm, 36 pages), incl. lyrics and extended artwork (400 copies available)

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